We Think Health Insurance is a Requirement


Lack of health insurance is a negative factor in the totality of the circumstances.

Private health insurance is considered a “heavily weighted positive factor” in the totality of the circumstances.

Private health insurance for which the alien receives premium tax credits under the ACA would not qualify as private health insurance for purposes of the heavily weighted positive factor.

Plans that only provide for specific diseases or conditions and plans that only provide for discounts on medical service do not qualify.  Also, the higher the deductible, the more likely the plan will not be consider to be a heavily weighted positive factor.

We do not endorse or guarantee any particular insurance provider, but understand how hard it is to find any insurance coverage for someone without a social security or ITIN number.   For those without a social security number of ITIN number, you can try Insurance Services of America.

PLEASE NOTE: USCIS will give the most weight to insurance polices with deductible amounts in line with the Affordable Care Act, which currently limits max out of pocket amounts to $8,150 for individual plans in 2020.  Therefore, if you decide to use this policy, you should select the 5k (or less) deductible for an individual plan. 

To apply, visit here: https://www.azimuthrisk.com/aquote_axis.php?reference_id=462c11ec

Then email Rachel Piccione at:  rachel@isabrokers.com 

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