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About Michael McCarroll, Esq.

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Attorney Michael McCarroll is a software designer, entrepreneur, and immigration law expert with over 10 years of experience practicing family-immigration law.  He is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and the National Immigration Project.  Having spent years specializing in family-based immigration, Michael McCarroll and his team have developed an intuitive and simple process for preparing marriage-based permanent residency applications for spouses of US citizens.

Michael has helped hundreds of clients with their immigration matters and has handled some of the most difficult immigration cases successfully.  One thing that he has repeatedly observed is couples who file without an attorney frequently make serious mistakes.

He has made it his mission to change this by creating LegalResident.com, which gives couples an accessible, safe and affordable resource to file their marriage-based adjustment of status case with an attorney in all 50 states.  He is changing the face of immigration by providing innovative tools and support for families going through the process and making legal services accessible to more people.

By simplifying the marriage-based immigration process online, couples are empowered to file their case with the security of having an experienced immigration lawyer when they otherwise might not be able to afford it.

Immigration law is complicated, but working with a lawyer shouldn’t be.