Why are we different than other immigration law firms? 

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Specialists in Family Immigration w/ Custom Technology

We are specialists in family-based immigration cases and assist families in all 50 states process their family-based green card applications.  We have developed a proprietary software platform to help us prepare your case for an affordable price wherever you live.

Attorney McCarroll has 10 years of experience in family immigration law, and is a member of the National Immigration Project and the American Immigration Lawyers Association. When he is not fighting for his clients in court, he enjoys spending time with his family in beautiful Colorado. Mr. McCarroll has a successful track record of representing clients in immigration detention centers throughout the United States and winning appeals and motions to reopen before the Board of Immigration Appeals (“BIA”). He regularly assists immigrants dealing with various components of the DHS and US consulates around the world.

Cherry Creek (Denver Metro) Location

Grand Junction Location

Fundamental Beliefs and Values

We believe that many families feel obligated to file their case without the assistance of an attorney because of the high legal fees quoted to them by immigration firms who do not focus on family-based immigration cases and who do not utilize cost-saving technologies.  We know that this can lead to serious mistakes.

Our goal is to fill a void in the legal industry and provide critical legal services at reasonable rates everyone can afford.  We enjoy working with couples during this big step in their life and sharing in the celebration of a successful outcome.  Because we handle such a high volume of family-based immigration cases, we believe the we are uniquely experienced to represent families during this process.