Lawyer Designed Immigration Software 

For Marriage-Based Permanent Residency Applications Filed Within the United States

Start Preparing Your Marriage-Based Adjustment of Status Case For Free!

Test our lawyer designed software for free, and even download a sample case.   While USCIS forms can be downloaded one-by-one from the government site, and painstakingly completed after entering the same information multiple times, our software helps prevent typographical errors, uses lawyer approved presets,  and generates a professional cover letter and customized attachment pages to help you effortlessly prepare your case.  Scared to make a mistake?  Our software permits multiple revisions/ downloads so that your case is perfect, and is meant to be a tool – not a product.

Get access to document checklists for supporting documents, and easily prepare and download the following: Cover Letter, G-28s (if represented by attorney), I-130, I-130A, I-485, I-864, I-944, I-765, and I-131.  This includes the marriage petition, green card application with all required financial support forms, temporary work permit application and temporary travel document application (advance parole).


 $179 for Non-Watermarked Downloads & Checklist Access  NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE

The total government filing fees for immigrant spouses under 79 years old is $1,760.  You will also be required to obtain a medical examination of the immigrant spouse prior to the USCIS interview for approximately $500.  Finally, if USCIS determines that the immigrant spouse might become a public charge, it could require you to pay a cash or surety bond.

Not sure if adjustment of status is the right immigration process for you?

No problem! Our founding attorney can help you.  Call Michael J. McCarroll at (970) 808-900 for a free consultation to explore options available for immigrating whether as a fiancee or spouse.  He helped design our program and knows which immigration process is best considering travel plans, timing issues, the 90 day rule, public charge challenges and other important considerations.

Looking for extra peace of mind?

The Law Office of Michael J. McCarroll integrates with our software to provide legal services to its clients at discounted rates.

Tier I Legal Services – $695


Requires Acceptance & Written Agreement with Law Firm

Attorney provides customized checklist and screens user for eligibility at all stages.  Attorney reviews client’s completed case, including all forms and supporting documents.  Attorney is available for unlimited phone support and conducts a mock USCIS interview with the couple.

Tier II Legal Services – $1,550

Requires Acceptance & Written Agreement with Law Firm

Attorney conducts comprehensive public charge analysis and pre-screening. Attorney signs and mails the application packet to USCIS.  Attorney files Form G-28 to formally represent clients and receive mail on their behalf.  Attorney responds to any Request for Evidence. Attorney is available for unlimited support and conducts a mock USCIS interview.


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