Specialists in Marriage-Based Immigration

1) Think You Qualify for Adjustment of Status through Marriage? Register for Free and Start Preparing Your Marriage-Based Green Card Application with Our Proprietary Software 

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At the Law Office of Michael J. McCarroll, we cater to spouses of US citizens filing for lawful permanent residency from within the United States, a process called “adjustment of status.”  We have designed this website and software to lower legal fees and provide unmatched legal services.  Test our system to see how easy it is to work with us.  You can even download a sample case (government forms only) with watermark.

Unsure if you qualify for adjustment of status (i.e., to apply for a green card through marriage while in the United States)?

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2) Work With the Immigration Lawyer for a Fraction of the Price of Traditional Law Firms 

Start for only $600, followed by 6 monthly payments of $150 (total price = $1,500).  The attorney will prepare and submit your case with an entry of appearance so that we receive mail on your behalf from USCIS.  All clients receive unlimited phone, email and video (Zoom) support from the attorney, and the attorney will conduct a mock USCIS marriage-fraud interview with the couple after the interview is scheduled.  If USCIS issues a Request for Evidence (“RFE”) or Notice of Intent to Deny (“NOID”), the attorney will respond for no additional charge.

Receive a $100 discount for one-time payment (total price = $1,400)